Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen Update

After many years of dreaming of a new kitchen, it has finally happened.  The ideas for my kitchen have been floating around for some time and after much research and shopping, my new dream kitchen is a reality.  There are so many people I need to thank and the first is my grandson, Reeves.  He spent many hours going to Atlanta and visiting every kitchen, appliance, and lighting store within 50 miles.

And then there are the folks at Southern Cabinet Works in Newnan.  Shanon was the designer and she took my ideas, wishes and must-haves and created a beautiful, working kitchen.  Jeff, Robert, and Matt built and installed the cabinets and did so with a lot of patience and expertise.  But before they could do their magic, Rich had to remove all the old cabinets, Tony had to install the lighting with all my dimmers, and Chris of Uptown Kitchens ran the duct work for ventilation.  And let's not forget Mike and Matt, the plumbers as well as Eddie the painter.  All did a fabulous job and the result is my beautiful kitchen!


The Old Kitchen

Needs Updating!
Renovation Begins!
Cabinets Removed

Decorated for Christmas