Wednesday, October 7, 2015



The beach has always been my "go to" place.  The beach was my family's destination for vacations as a child.  We would load the car and pack a picnic lunch to eat along the way since fast food was a pack of crackers at the gas station. The interstate highway systems were limited so the drive was long and hot with no air conditioning in the car.  But when we arrived it was worth it!  

The beach has also been my healing place.  Facing my 60th birthday just 2 months after losing Kenny, I headed to St. Augustine with the dogs for a week.  

And now, three years later, I am buying a house at the beach!  Well, actually it is 1 mile from the beach in the Parrot Cove neighborhood of Lake Worth, Florida.  But why would I buy a second home over 600 miles away from Quail Hollow?  Because it is warm in Lake Worth during the winter and you can enjoy the beach year round.  

So today is a big day, closing day for the Flamingo NO-tel!