Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

A trip to the beach is the ultimate summer vacation. I love the hot weather, the sunshine, the water, the seafood... I love it all! And this year's vacation lived up to all my expectations. The Florida Keys are unique. The lifestyle is very casual and slow. There is no traffic, no amusement parks, no putt-putt, and no Internet. The first three were definitely not missed, but I must say, it was very hard to be separated from the world. The only place in Marathon with free wireless access was the public library. After 2 days off-line, I used the handy GPS to find the local library. Unfortunately, the library is closed on Mondays, but you can access the wireless from the parking lot. If someone had been serving coffee in the parking lot, I would have sworn we were at a local coffee shop. The Monroe County Library even has access to power outside in case you have a low battery! I quickly found out that this was a hot spot for those suffering from cyberspace withdrawal.

Our home for the was nothing spectacular, but it had everything we needed - a pool and a boat dock on the canal. We also had a lot of wildlife in the form or iguanas. They were everywhere and some were HUGE! They loved to hang out at the pool with us.

Thanks to Payton and Terri, we had a boat for the week. One night we took the boat to Sparky's for dinner. It was the perfect evening. The water was calm so the boat ride was great. Sparky's is a dockside restaurant that has delicious meals - the best we had during our stay. We started out with the tasty Artichoke and Crab Dip served piping hot. I ordered crab cakes and they were yummy. Reeves ordered his favorite sushi but the best meal of the night was Terri's Shrimp and Bacon Pizza. After dinner we cruised home at sunset to the sounds of beach music and danced on the deck. It was a night to remember.

Dancing with My Favorite Men

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  1. Love your men! Love the iguana - why weren't you closer? Teeheehee