Thursday, January 8, 2009

Star Provisions

A search for foods for our Italian Night dinner took us to Star Provisions, a wonderful shop on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta. This is a great place to buy cheese and proscuitto. Tim, the cheese guy, will gladly give you samples of cheese to make your selection easy. After buying our cheese and proscuitto, we headed to the deli for lunch. The Goat Cheese and Leek Focaccia was excellent!


  1. I love Star Provisions! I celebrate every Christmas with a trip to this magical store.

    Ron and I are on our way to the Satelite Whole Foods for Marscapone for a Roasted Pepper Terrine for this weeks show.

    You'll have to come cook with me!

  2. Patty, I would love to come and cook with you!