Sunday, September 21, 2008

The County Fair

The fair is in town!

The county fair brings back a lot of fond memories. My first fair experiences were at the Coosa Valley Fair in Rome, Georgia. With our free ticket in hand, we headed to the fair to enjoy the rides, games and exhibits. My mom was a local garden club member and she worked hard on the floral arrangements she exhibited. I spent my time on the midway, riding the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Scrambler and the Mad Mouse.

Years later as an Extension Agent in Newnan, I was in charge of the women's exhibits. We worked hard to promote the fair and encourage participation in the crafts and food sections. For several days, a group of dedicated ladies assisted as proud women, men and children completed the registration process and anxiously awaited the judging.

When the fair opened, I spent many long hours in the 4-H Food Booth while my coworkers were in the barn with the 4-Hers getting ready to show their animals. It was a family affair and everyone had a great time.

My experiences with the Coweta County Fair landed me a position on the planning board of the Georgia National Fair. In the late 1980s, Georgia state representatives Larry Walker and Henry Reaves started a plan for a state fair to promote Georgia agribusiness. The result was the Georgia National Fair held annually in Perry, Georgia. I loved the trips to Perry through the backroads of middle Georgia to assist with the Exhibit Hall.

As things happen, my role with fairs has changed. Now we are the grandparents, taking two of our grandchildren to the fair. It is an annual event. Kenny and I watch as Callie and Reeves enjoy the rides. After the rides, we feast on the fair food and stroll through the barn looking at the animals and watching the 4-Hers as they show their animals.


  1. Hey Susan it was great to hear from you. How is retired life going? Definitely call next weekend when your up this way I should be around. It looks like you had a lot of fun at the fair with the grandchildren!


  2. Susan, you look so happy with your grandchildren. I am so envious. Bob and I so look forward to having some. Despite our best efforts of encouragement, my son and daughter-in-law still want to wait. Please go to my chocolate blog:
    I have something for you. Great post.

  3. Leanne, I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

    Teresa, thanks for the the Chocolate Award!