Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crossing the Pond

11:24 PM - Somewhere over the Atlantic
After months of planning, weeks of shopping and days of packing, we are on our way to Italy. It's 6 hours into our flight and I am watching a riveting program on how mattresses are made! Yes, that was one of Delta's choices for cabin entertainment and now I have cabin fever. It started with a depressing movie about growing old, followed by a movie in Italian and then on to The Simpson's before the latest entry of mattress making. One poignant moment came during The Simpson's when I happened to glance up at the screen and saw the "No Praying" sign on the screen as many of the passengers were asking God to calm the heavens for a smooth ride.

Now with 3+ hours to go, the boredom has begun. My iPod is dead. Before leaving home, I loaded some good movies, charged the iPod and purchased a battery booster in anticipation of a long ride. We were just getting to the good part in Shawshank Redemption when the battery died. That cute little booster I bought doesn't work and was a complete waste of money. So I pulled out the laptop to work on my first blog entry and that battery was dead. As a last resort, I pull out the notebook and pen and start writing to make sure I capture the pure anguish I was feeling.

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