Friday, October 31, 2008

Wine at Cardillac

After visiting David, we hitthe streets in search for wine. With map in hand, we head towards our apartment. Along the way, it begins to rain. This slightly alters our search to not only include wine, but a dry place for drinking. Just as the rain increases, we notice a neon "BAR" sign. This must be the place we are looking for! They even have the door open for us.

Our host at Cardillac is Ivan. His first question is "Have you voted?" We, of course, say "Yes" and ask in return for wine - white and Nan and me, red for the guys. Ivan is a handsome young Italian with great command of the English language. Our conversation quickly turns to politics and the upcoming presidential election. It seems as though we have not escaped from all of the hype of the election.
As is usually the case, one drink calls for a second. With little or no sleep for the last 36 hours, the alcohol hits hard and we stumble down Pepi to our Italian home. Before heading in for the night, we make a stop at Il Forno, our neighborhood bakery, for dinner -- pizza and bread. We take the food to the apartment and add another bottle of wine before turning in for the evening.

P.S. If this doesn't make sense, don't blame me! It is the wine's fault.

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