Friday, February 20, 2009

Shellman Bluff and Saint Simons Island

Today we leave Savannah and head south. Our first destination is Shellman Bluff. We decide to purchase a South Georgia map, just in case the GPS gets lost again. Now I will have to say that a GPS is pretty incredible. It has led us down many roads successfully but when it comes to the Georgia coast, it is lacking. Of course, we were far from marked roads and many times the GPS showed no roads at all. But our trusty map was accurate. The roads were beautiful, many covered with the limbs of live oak trees.

Shellman Bluff is like stepping back into a different time. The sandy roads are canopied with trees and lead to the water front. The homes are simple, with screened porches and shaded by huge oak trees covered with Spanish moss . Drive down to the Shellman Fish Camp in "Downtown Shellman Bluff." Hunter's Cafe and Mud Bar is across from the docks. Unfortunately we missed meal time, but you can bet we will be back! The drive along the bluff is incredible, one of the best views you can see from a car of the bluffs along the Georgia coast.

Saint Simons is our stop for the night. The weather is cold, just right for a bowl of She Crab Soup from Barbara Jean's. The soup was thick with lump crab meat and had a slight kick to it. Kenny had the clam chowder and we shared a 7-ounce crab cake. One thing for sure, Barbara Jean knows how to cook crab!

Our home for the night is the Saint Simons Inn at the Lighthouse. At sunset it's off to the pier to capture some great shots. What a great way to end a wonderful day!

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  1. Sounds like the two of you are having a delightful time. My mother and I stayed at the same Inn on St. Simmons two years ago. Enjoy!