Sunday, February 1, 2009

Souper Bowl at the Barn

Souper Bowl 2009 Winners
Dale's Taco Soup and Kitty's Turtle Brownies

While the world was celebrating the Super Bowl, we headed to the Barn for our own Souper Bowl. The 2nd Annual Quail Hollow Souper Bowl was held on January 31 in the Barn. Friends and family gathered for some friendly competition. This year's event was expanded to include desserts. The weather was cold - just right for enjoying an evening of good food.

This year's soup competition had an international flair with recipes from Mexico, South Africa, Italy, and the good old USA. Eight different soups were entered and all were delicious. This year's winner was Dale's Taco Soup!
Now for the desserts. The 8 entries were yummy. My favorite was Alice's Key Lime Cheesecake. But in the end, chocolate was once again the favorite in Kitty's Turtle Brownies.

The evening ended with talk of next year's entries. So now we have a year to test and perfect our entries for next year! The winning recipes will be posted soon!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


  1. I have been meaning to email! I have a "tube" of Paneangeli Caramello sitting beside me-with your name on it. How else could I have spelled it?!

    Here's the website

    Write me at my website email and I will have Ron deliver it to you!!

    Also. let's plan a show. We have so many things we could cook. I am making Goat Stew with Spinners for dinner tonight... in the south it would be Chicken and Dumplings or in my family's neck of the woods in Louisiana-"Squirell and Dumplins"


  2. Thanks, Patti. I would love to cook with you. But I'm not sure the "Squirel and Dumplings" would be on my menu!